Teeny brown eyes locked onto fresh baked chocolate chip clusters of yumminess. Tiny toes wiggled upon chilling kitchen tiles, as my petite body burst with excitement at the realization that…Mommy had made cookies! My mini human body jolted towards the appetizing aroma with my saggy diaper dragging behind me. My fingertips barley scraped the edge of the cookie sheet settled on the surface. On my tippy toes, I stretched my body as far as it would go. Defeated, my head drooped, feet began to stomp, and a scowl of determination smeared across my face. Teary eyes gazed at the savory spheres with an intense longing to cram one into my little mouth. Frantically, my infant feet pitter-pattered towards a dining room chair. Scrawny arms pushed, shoved, and tugged on the wooden frame until it reached its final destination. Excitedly, I hoisted my body up, and climbed to my feet. As my skinny little fingers approached the circles of chocolaty greatness a lip-licking smile grew upon my face, and then the feast began.

Isn’t it funny how stubborn children are? They are relentless when it comes to getting what they want. It starts from the beginning. As babies we all cried and shrieked when we were hungry until someone shoved a bottle in our direction. As toddlers we all had a moment when our parents told us not to climb up the slide on the playground. Despite their warnings, of course we did it any way. Some of us fell off the slide, and others were brutally bulldozed over by some kid going down it. Once we had our minds focused on accomplishing something very little could stop us.

Our brains are wired for success and growth. As children, our relationship with failure is still new. But, somewhere during adolescence the weight of failure and frustration sets in. We have dreams but no longer have the courage to pursue them. The fear of failure blurs any vision of success. Keeping up with the Joneses, and the opinions of peers dive our focus on to “what if”. What if i look silly? What if I don’t loose the weight? What if it’s painful?   We forget that risk, pain, and uncertainties are all apart of the growth process. After all, we would have never learned to walk if we let the fear of falling hold us back. Where our focus lies is in our control. If our focus is zoned in on success, and rising when we fall. Nothing can stop us.

Where is your focus?

Keep your glass half full,


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