Little feet stomped into the bathroom, and suddenly peering up at me from below was my nephew, “Fefe… I want my hair pikey like yours…please! I LOVE YOU,” the youngster demanded. Chuckling I responded, “I love you too, and do you men ssssspikey?”. Slapping his hand on his for head he frustratingly replied, “Uhhhh, that’s what I said…pikey!”. I then crouched down, scooped up the 3 year old, and planted him next to me upon the counter top. “OH MY GOODNESS. I’m gonna get pikey hair just like you Fefe!” my nephew exclaimed. Laughing I said “Your gonna look so cool dude!”, and began to gather hair gel into the palm of my hand. “NOOOOOO. I wanna do it my self just like you.”, he shrieked as he scowled and folded his arms in disappointment. “Alright…”, I said as I smeared the gel on to his tiny palms. The next ten minutes was spent with my nephew lecturing me on how to style hair. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 1.37.40 PM.png

On February 12th 2013, my life immensely changed in an unexpected way… I became an aunt. The months leading up to my nephew’s birth were filled with excitement. But little did I know, how much this tiny human would impact my life. “I love you so much. I will never let anything bad happen to you.” were the first words I said to the little man as I swaddled him in my arms for the first time. The following three years were jam packed with lessons on how to be a “second mom”. Late nights learning his different cries, changing explosive diapers, watching him take his first steps, and say his first words.

To this day the kid adores the ground I walk on, and tries to replicate everything I do. Why? I’ll never know. But, I now more than ever, truly understand the impact of Influence. Despite how much I have influenced my nephew’s life thus far, he has influenced mine beyond words. I am a better person because of him, and can’t imagine life with out him.

What Influences you?

Everything we allow into our lives has influence on us regardless if we want it to or not. The music we listen to, movies we watch, books we read, our habits, and PEOPLE WE SURROUND OUR SELVES WITH significantly impact our lives. These “simple” things over time can either make you or brake you. Lift you up or bring you down. What you allow in will come out. So again…

What Influences you?

Keeping your glass half full,





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