Martial Arts

My 8-year-old hands shook as I choked back nervous tears. “This will be good for you Faith. Be brave.” Momma said trying to comfort me.  As she nudged me toward the edge of the dojo carpet, a young man dressed in white kneeled down in front of me and stuck out his hand. Unfamiliar with this gesture, I shied away, “My name is Mr. Josh. What’s your name?” the boyish man said softly as he withdrew his palm. “Faith”, I mumbled in return. ” I can tell your nervous Faith. I was nervous when I did my first martial arts class too. I’ll be your instructor today, and we will work together. I promise you are going to have a ton of fun. Follow me over here I’ll show you what to do next. ” he replied. The tall mans reassuring domineer calmed my nerves, and on that day my martial arts journey began.


Its been almost 18 years since that day, and my life has changed drastically. The 8-year-old little girl that stepped foot in that country town dojo wouldn’t recognise the woman she has become. As a youngster I was painfully shy, far from a leader, and never stepped out of my comfort zone. Martial Arts has brought out the potential within my self. Not only do I now teach Martial Arts for a living… I now guide others towards their full potentual as well. Just as the man dressed in white guided me.


Martial Arts is a lifestyle of continuously cultivating ones body, mind, and spirit. Discipline is taught through the repetition of training. Goal Setting is ingrained within the belts. Respect is an aura that is earned and expected. Focus is practiced through self control and restraint. Courage is built as boards are smashed, and fears are concured. Spirit is strengthened as one is pushed to the brink of surrender but chooses to battle on dispite overwhleming obsticles.

Through Martial Arts, fighters are created not to fight with their fists, but with their souls. When life attacks with a furry, a martial artist is ready to rise above the challenge.

Are you ready for what ever fight life throws your way?

If not…Martial Arts is a great place to start.

Keeping your glass half full,






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